There’s no doubt that new media is playing a HUGE role in the 2008 elections. New media is convenient, creative, and available. I’ve watched more political videos on Youtube this year than I imagined I ever would. When I use Youtube it’s mainly for entertainment purposes, but over the past few months I’ve turned to it mainly for educational purposes. If I miss something that’s being discussed in the news, I can easily access the information on Youtube. It’s incredibly convenient for sharing information as well. After class last week I e-mailed my mom and dad the link to the “Yes We Can” Youtube video that we watched during lecture. My mom responded by writing that she forwarded the link to her close friends and family. She loved it as much as I did and wanted to “spread the word”.

The videos that deal with Barack Obama’s campaign are particularly moving to me. He speaks what I want to hear – that this isn’t a Democratic vs. Republican America, this isn’t a Black vs. White America, this is the United States of America. I believe he is re-defining the meaning of the word “united”. With the majority of his speeches condensed down to a few minutes helps people gain the main messages Obama wants everyone to hear. One of my favorite political Youtube videos is called Obama: Once Voice and it is inserted below: