Accidents are caused by them, distractions are made by them, and hundreds of dollars are spent purchasing them. They’re called cell phones, and something that most of us feel we can’t live without on a daily basis. These miniature devices are now giving presidential candidates of 2008 a much closer connection to its voters and supporters by providing up-to-the-minute campaign information via text messages. New media today is without doubt making a difference in our world, but this year more powerfully making a difference in the race for the White House. Scott Keeter, Center Director of the Pew Research Center, has been conducting studies since the 2004 presidential election which focuses on whether or not polls will be affected due to 14% of Americans that do not have land lines. Keeter asserts, that “Pollsters wonder whether this will affect polls [positively or negatively] because they normally don’t call cell phones” (www.NPR.org). With cell phones becoming an increasingly dominant accessory, pollsters believe that there will be a decline of some presidential information reaching the public due to the incredible use of “cell-phone only homes.” Above are two pictures illustrating how democratic candidates Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, are using cell phones to keep voters linked to each of their individual campaigns. Clinton and Obama are finding themselves neck-in-neck with the recent vote count, proving that both parties are unquestionably using their million dollars worth of endorsements to keep continuing to use new media techniques wisely.

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