Emerging media has made a powerful difference in this election by innovating campaigns in order to appeal to a new generation of voters. New media, such as Facebook, My Space, You Tube, Digg and Flickr, have helped candidates get their faces and their messages out into the world. The creative use of new media has inspired the next generation of young Americans to get pumped up and excited to vote.

Outlets like Facebook, My Space and You Tube are powerful tools that allow young people to show their voting strength. On Facebook, over 25,000 people have pledged to Rock the Vote.

Candidates have taken advantage of these tools to humanize themselves. Mike Huckabee plays air hockey with Stephen Colbert, Hillary Clinton is on My Space and Barack Obama texts, e-mails and sends me video messages practically everyday. The candidates are using these tools to show me, and my fellow peers, that they are human. They blog, they’re online, they text, they’re trying to show how they are on the same page with us.

I think Barack Obama is doing the best job of utilizing the new media. He’s everywhere!

I mean, I think I’m Internet savvy, but what the hell is Eventful? Like I said, Obama (and his lovely wife, Michelle) e-mail me practically everyday. For Obama, it started with his message of change. He was able to put his message out there using tools like Facebook, My Space, You Tube, Flickr and Digg and reinforce his stance for change. Young people saw this message, took hold of it, and now supporters are using these new media tools to campaign for him. Examples include the Yes We Can music video and I’ve Got a Crush…On Obama. Supporters have also uploaded videos of his appearances on TV shows like Letterman.

I think John McCain is doing the worst job embracing new media, and who could blame him? He’s older than dirt (no offense). McCain has virtually no appeal to young Americans. On Facebook, Clinton has double and Obama has over eight times the amount of McCain’s supporters! Eight! Sure, McCain is on Facebook, MySpace and You Tube, but the creativity and imagination are lacking. McCain’s You Tube channel has clips of speeches, ads and news clips…B-O-R-I-N-G! On the other hand, Obama’s You Tube channel has the Yes We Can video, commentary from ordinary people and footage from rallies across the country.

The use of new media for this election has had tremendous effects. It has mobilized a generation of new voters to ban together and get their voices heard.