New media is a huge influencial part of the 2008 Presidential Election.   From blogging to creative animated videos, consumers can learn and be entertained at the same time.  Blogging allows consumers to become producers by adding their personal knowledge and insight to existing information and media. 

Below you will find a few links where new media is being used to promote the election and capture new audiences.

1.  Obama speaks with workers during his tour of the McKinstry Company, Friday, Feb. 8. Slide shows have become more and more popular as pictures are downloaded and easily accessible.  Prior to access to new media pictures were not available so fast:;_ylt=Agls6v9qvjqNGdFAPTyP7OZh24cA#/080208/480/39ab7aa85a6b40dda73c7f6614aa3e4b

2.  Bessage boards allow consumers to become producers:

3.  Historical news broadcasts are available to users at any given time:


4. McCain Presidential Election 2008 – Cyborg Alert!


5. Blogging:

6. More Blogging

New Media is both capturing the attention of users but, also casting a shadow over the real issues.  Although new media can be used to educate and inform the public, one can get lost in the animation and ‘pretty package’ of the message.  When I watched some of the videos or read through the blogging, I noticed that there was just too much to look at and it became overwhelming.  I found my self enjoying the art of the media instead of reading between the lines and identifying the real issues.  I’m not knocking new media, I just see alot of ‘fluff’ in it which, in my opinion, can get away from the intended message.  Very cool stuff on the web all in all.