About two weeks ago, my little sister was in one of the worse car accidents I have ever seen. Luckily she and her friends were able to walk away from the scene, but it was one accident that has left an impact on my life as well as her’s. 

After spending a day with the family, I went over to my boyfriend’s house to watch some T.V.  I knew my sister was going out with her friends that night and didn’t think twice about her safety. Around 9 o’clock I received an alarming phone call. It was my sister crying. She had told me that her and her friends had got into a car accident on 87 and she didn’t know what to do. I was the first one she called. They were on their way home from dinner and were suddenly hit from behind. They spun out hitting the wall and divider like a pinball. Then finally the car stopped which ended up wrapping around a huge freeway sign. The car was TOTALED, and on the top that, the car that hit them fled the scene. I was in absolute shock. I couldn’t stop shaking and I rushed to the scene.

When I got there, the freeway was closed off filled with police and two fire trucks. I couldn’t believe that my little sister was in accident as bad as this one. When we pulled over, I got out of the car to see her. I was stopped by one of the officers on site, and told me that before they would release her to me I would have to see the scene myself. The reason for this was because she being a minor, as a guardian I would have to make the decision if she needed to be rushed to the hospital. A fire fighter escorted me to the car and explained the high speed compact and where she sat. The entire passenger side was crushed, as if the car was a piece of gum that was pinched on a straw to save for later. Luckily she sat in the middle with her seat belt. I broke down in tears, just imagining what they went through, how someone could be so heartless to just leave a scene like that, and how lucky her and her friends were to get out. The officers reassured me that everything was ok but it was their duty to show me the scene. 

Ever since graduating from high school, I have always tried to do my best for being there for my family, especially for my younger sisters. I’ve been through the things that they are just experiencing and I know how much easier it would have been to have someone older to look up to. So I try to be that for them. It was sudden wake up call with her accident. It’s only made me want to be there even more and appreciate all the time we share. To think that earlier that day I spent the whole day with her, to then having such an event occur that could have taken her away from me.