Oh, how I love you potato chips, let me count the ways. For starters, you taste delicious. With flavors like jalapeno cheddar, barbeque, and sour cream and onion, how could you go wrong? Now we all have our favorites, and there are different levels of obsession that go along with each. Personally, I am not ashamed to say, I am a wee bit in love with one bag of chips in particular. Lays “Chile Limon” flavor is the winner in my book. Luckily for me, my roommate shares the same passion for these bite size snacks as I do and we share our supply with each other on almost a daily basis.
Now, that may not sound much like an obsession, and I would agree with you. But recently, my roommate and I have been running into some problems. When we drive to convenience stores and supermarkets we are coming across empty shelves and new flavors where our old favorite snack used to dominate. In fact, it has been about two weeks since we have even spotted a bag of “Chile Limon” potato chips! Today, we decided to take action.
We began by having a heated discussion about our dismay associated with the missing chips. Tempers were heated, emotions started flaring, and ideas were thrown around. Finally we agreed that we have tolerated enough of this flash-fried recession and we jumped online immediately.
Upon arriving to the Lays main website we navigated all through the site trying to find out what had happened to our beloved potato chips. We stumbled over the nutritional value for our snack, cringed a bit, and then continued our search. We finally settled on writing an angry email complaining to the company and then perhaps politely asking if we could specially order the product if it was discontinued. Instead, we found a link labeled “product locator”. Here we entered in our product name, clicked search, and hoped for the best. Thirty locations popped up claiming to have our snack in stock! We wrote a few down, jumped in a car, and rushed to the scene.
We entered the store, went straight to the chip aisle, and then stood still in absolute shock. There were absolutely no “Chile Limon” chips anywhere in the store! There were not even past traces or labels left over on the shelves to serve as hope for the next restocking date. Nothing was left. It was like our chips had never existed.
We then grabbed a few bags of inferior chips and headed home to sulk in our failure. I suppose there’s still tomorrow to continue our hunt for chips. Good thing for us, One Tree Hill was on to brighten our night and keep our hopes high for the future.