This weekend I attended yet another baby shower for a relative of my boyfriend whom I have been involved with for almost three years. This qualifies me as one of the “lucky females” to receive an invitation to every kind of shower for every woman in his family.  It just happens that he has three sisters who all seem to be Polish Baby Makers. From the time I  met them I have attended three baby showers full of emotional women, diaper rash cream, and embarrassing games. Every so often I noticed a dad or husband peer around the corner out of curiosity but then quickly disappear out the front door.  After everyone gets a few glasses of wine in them, I seem to be the target every time.  The family seems to find it amusing to tell me that I’m next and harass me about why we’re not married yet.  I am constantly shaking my head and laughing it off thinking to myself that they have quite a while to wait.  I try to explain, in broken Polish, that I have to finish school and get a job first.  I have a lot to focus on before even considering a family. I hate to think I have an entire family waiting around for me.  Anyways, I guess I’m fortunate that they like me so much.  I can now clearly understand why men steer clear from these types of events.  Definite estrogen overload.