Friends. Family. Tons of food. Cheers and tears. This is Super Bowl Sunday! I arrived at my friends house just in time for kickoff. Everyones eyes were glued to the screen. The only time people would leave the room was during a commercial break and even that was almost impossible to do. The game itself had its ups and downs, but it was a pretty boring game. Once the score reached 14-10 with the Patriots in the lead, almost everyone assumed that the Patriots and Tom Brady had a guaranteed win. But not me. I had faith in my Giants! I knew that my main man, Eli Manning, wouldn’t let me down! And sure enough, within the last minute, he did not disappoint me. The last minute was the best and most memorable moment of the game. The Giants scored a touchdown and made a field goal. The new and final score read 17-14. The Giants had won the Super Bowl! I and a handle of my friends were ecstatic! We celebrated the win by boasting about the winning team followed by a quick celebration of drinks and food. It was a great way to end my weekend and start a new!