Chinese New Year is on February 7, 2008. Of course all the fun and festivities happen on Chinese New Year’s Eve which happens to be today! For those who don’t know, Chinese New Year is actually two weeks long where friends and family get together and EAT! My first dinner is actually tonight, which I have to skip for this class, but the most important family dinner is actually tomorrow night. My family decided to have dinner at our house in Burlingame and my mom has been preparing for this night for a week now. She bought a bunch of decorations to put all over the house. When I actually got into the house and noticed all the decorations, I had feeling of “home”, “happiness”, and “tradition”. Tomorrow night, my family has invited over 20 friends and family to come over and enjoy a great meal. This time of year is always a really happy time and I’m looking forward to all the family lunches and dinners for the next two weeks!