No matter what I do I always get sick during winter. I work in a 4th grade classroom Monday thru Friday. Nine times out of ten it’s one of those little “angels” that get me sick. Seeing as though I’m surrounded by little vectors all day, I am the enforcer of the Purell and Kleenex. You would think that their parents would teach them to cover their mouths, with their sleeves, and keep their nasty hands to themselves, but no. So not only am I the teacher’s aid, I am now the common courtesy instructor. On Monday I noticed one of the girls had a runny nose and glossy eyes. I told her to immediately go to the office and have her parents pick her up. Ten minuets later we got a phone call from the office saying that her parents couldn’t pick her up and according to their observation she seemed fine. Once I heard this, I knew that I had to take the necessary precautions in order not to get sick. Emergency and air borne are my friends, or so I thought. Last night I began to feel the beginning symptoms of a cold, so I popped a couple vitamins C and went to bed. This morning I feel like someone came into my bedroom and hit me with a ton a bricks. I was infected and had all the symptoms of the flu. So needless to say I feel like crap and am looking forward to my bed and Nyquil.