I have been waiting for the longest four days of my life for my MRI results on my right shoulder. I used to play volleyball here at State and it just didn’t work out. But I still had a passion for the sport and still wanted to play. I had some friends make a couple calls and I have been talking with the coach from Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii for the last couple weeks. I am going there on Thursday, but it was contingent upon my MRI coming back normal. During season, I had injured my shoulder and the doctor I went to see said I could have a Labral tear, which is a joint or something. So I got an MRI on Friday, and have been waiting for the results all weekend. Today I found out that I don’t have a torn Labrum and that a possible surgery is out of the question. I might be the happiest person alive, and after my visit to the Chaminade, I will decide if I still want to play volleyball.