When you sign up for Lynda and look at the title Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials with: Deke McClelland you will notice that it has nine chapters. The first is What Photoshop Can Do the last is Replacing, Retouching, and Editing. If you look under the first chapter, What Photoshop Can Do you can see there are a bunch of short video modules. The first is, Welcome to Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials. You should do all of the modules under the first four chapters. Those chapters are:

  1. What Photoshop Can Do
  2. Setting Up Shop
  3. The New and Improved Bridge
  4. Basic Color Adjustment

Do all the modules in each of those chapters! This ends up being around four hours of video!