I was born and raised in a small town in between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe called Auburn. While many people may not know it by name, they often recognize it when I say “the town on the way up to Tahoe with an In’N’Out”. With a population of only about 12,000, it is definitely fair to call it the boonies. I live about fifteen minutes outside of the main part of town. We own five acres up on a hill and have an amazing view of the Sacramento Valley. We can see for miles and miles, from Mount Diablo to the Sutter Buttes, and all the way across the valley to the coastal ranges. Growing up in the country has definitely given me a different lifestyle. Most people are not used to having to drive 15 minutes just to get to a gas station or the grocery store. In fact, it used to take me 30 minutes just to get to my high school! Moving to the city is definitely a new experience. It seems so loud and busy, but it is much more convenient having everything at your fingertips! Although I will most likely be living in the city for quite some time, someday I hope to move back to the country and enjoy the peaceful lifestyle.