Snow, snow, and more snow! Beautiful conditions and runs covered with powder are only two of the reasons to head up to Lake Tahoe this winter! I am a huge snowboard fan and recently my girlfriends and I went to Lake Tahoe to go snowboarding. With all the rain in Northern Calif., we have seen lately, we knew we had to head up to Lake Tahoe and check out for ourselves what the fuss was all about. The snow reports were right and I got to witness firsthand the most perfect snowboarding and skiing conditions. This season I wanted to learn how to do a box in the park. I tried numerous times without any success and much laughter from my friends. Regardless of the lack of support I got from my friends, I kept on trying. On the last day of our snowboarding trip as we were approaching our final run, I decided to give the box one more try. To my surprise and to my friends’ astonishment I landed the “dreaded” box! I was so proud of myself for proving that I accomplished what I put my mind to. My friends are all jealous because they want to learn too and they want ME to teach them. Jokingly I say to them all, “Whose laughing now?”